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Note:This is valid for templates, which an have artistic view of the menu. This instructions are valid for templates from this site.

This is for Joomla 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 templates.

Step 1

Go to Joomla Administrator.

1 1

Step 2

Click > Extensions>Module Manager.

Joomla admin jogin

Step 3

Select vertical menu


Click > This Site

Joomla vertical menu

Step 4

Select >Advanced.

Home Joomla vertical menu

Step 5

Add the "Menu Class suffix" - art-vmenu .

Add the "Module Class Suffix" - art-vmenu .

Module Class Suffix in Joomla

6. Click > Save

new vertical menu


Vertical menu without suffix - art-vmenu   Vertical menu with suffix - art-vmenu
Joomla vertical menu   Joomla vertical menu change module class suffix in joomla 3.4

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