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The front page determines the basic looks of your website. Well selected content and its attractive representation helps users to get acquainted with the most important things you want to offer them. This can be easily achieved with the Frontpage templates we are offering . With their help you can achieve the desirable impression.

Our Frontpage templates are easy to use and configure .You don't need any special knowledge on CSS, HTML or other technologies.

The templates we are offering are suitable only for Joomla templates from this site.They have responsive design.

How to use Frontpage templates for Joomla home article:

1 .Download the file with the chosen template.

2. Open the file with notepad or another html editor. Do not use Word, Excel or any other MS extension.

3 .Select the code from the file and copy it (use CTRL+C from the keyboard)

4. Create a new Joomla Article.

5. Turn of the Joomla text editor.

Turn of JCE editor in joomla article

6. Paste the code in the article (CTRL+V on the keyboard)

7. Start the Joomla text editor.

8. Edit the photos and text depending on your needs.

9. Save the article.

10. Create a new menu and a link to the article.


-It is better to use JCE editor.

-Set the JCE editor to use template.css

-The used photos and text are for demonstrational purposes only

-Joomla Frontpage templates for articles are absolutely free.

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