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Template Features:

- Responsive layout. Screen resolution: minimal width: 768px, maximal width: 1920px;

- Full support for mobile devices;

- Header with headline and slogan text;

- Horizontal scrolling with fixed top menu;

- Horizontal nav menu CSS3 hover effect;

- Vertical nav menu CSS3 hover effect;

- Multifunctional header and footer module positions for content;

- Art vertical menu;

- Horizontal menu and submenu;

- 103 module positions for the different types of content-photos, ads, menu, text, images, flash, banners, news, random image, slideshow:

- 3  top module positions:

- 15 module positions in the header:

- 3 bottom module positions ;

- 8 module positions in the footer ;

- +15 module positions in the footer:

- Left and right column for vertical menu. Left column width-25%. Right column width-25%:

- Category: Free Joomla! 3.5 templates

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