Joomla 3.x template #150 - Parallax Slider

joomla 3.5 template with Parallax Slider

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Category: Joomla 3.0 templates

Template Features

- Joomla Template compatibility: All major versions of Joomla - Joomla 3.9, Joomla 3.8, Joomla 3.7, Joomla 3.6, Joomla 3.5, Joomla 3.4, Joomla 3.3, Joomla 3.2, Joomla 3.1, Joomla 3.0, Joomla 2.5;

- Frontpage layout: Enable / Disable Joomla content, Replace the joomla contents with the 11 module positions/front-1, ..front-11/ for different modules;

- Template body options - change background color and image;

- Very nice animated "fadeInUpBig", "fadeInLeftBig", "fadeInRightBig" scrolling effect for articles and images in articles. Option - enable / disable. live demo;

- Scroll line bar indicator on the page;

- Responsive layout: minimal width: 768px, maximal width: 1920px;

- Options - 3 type layout and easy introduction of the maps at the bottom;

- Elegant Parallah slideshow with the possibility to change the images and add links. Options - show and hide, assignment to menu items ;

- Box with 3 sections for images/text/ with 6 hover show effects styles. Options - show and hide, assignment to menu items;

- Support for mobile devices;

- Header with jquery parallax animated background, headline and slogan text. Options - enable / disable header, enable / disable parallax background, assignment to menu items;

- Horizontal scrolling with fixed top menu;

- Three logo module positions;

- Animated effect for horizontal submenu;

- Title articles hover effect;

- Button "Read More" with hover effect;

- Vertical nav menu CSS3 hover effect;

- 108 module positions :live demo module positions ;

- 2 sidebars for vertical menu with option to change width -px or %;

- Smart template for Joomla! 3.x - installation without quickstart package. The template with the option for full change.