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"Free Joomla module - Sticky Top / Bottom Banners" is a Joomla module that allows you to display an image of your choice in a sticky sliding box on top and bottom of your website. With this application you can to promote a  products, articles, services or any others URL. The banners comes if user scrolling to bottom  on site.

Main characteristics of the module:
- Top and Bottom sticky banners
- Option to change banner size
- Option to change the distance from top to bottom scrolling to make the banners visible
- Enable / Disable on user control to close banners
Current module version -  1.0
Module is compatible with Jomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x

Free joomla module for sticky banners top and bottom

Live demo - 1 Live demo - 2 Live demo - 3 Live demo - Pro

How to use the module:

- Install the module.
- Select module position. Use module position with low HTML importance.
- Select a menu item as assignment on banners.
The module comes with Module Class Suffix - stickybanner. Use this information to create css code that can hide the module position of the module from the frontend. For example: .divclassnamebodyslider {visibility: hidden;}
NB: This module comes with options that hide module position on frontend if used templates from this site and those that come with Joomla - beez3 and Protostar

How to hide module from frontend - example for protostar template:

After installing the module at the front end of the site you will have the following type:

sticky banner hidden

Open developer tools console / pres F12 key in Chrome / and inspect div class module

inspect sticky banner

inspect sticky banner div

inspect sticky banner div 2

Copy div class / .well.stickybanner / and enter code .well.stickybanner {visibility: hidden;} in module field for CSS

sticky banner css

Note: The free version has 2 buttons for closing the banners. The premium version has the option of closing the banners with one button.

banner closing button