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"YT video galler" is a module for Joomla which you can use to create an elegant gallery with videos from YouTube. The module creates a gallery with the thumbnails from video images. Each gallery image has a link to the corresponding video. Clicking on the link will open a lightbox where you can preview the video. The multifunctional module options will make your page interactive for visitors. The module uses a responsive layout and works equally well on all devices - PC, tablets and smartphones. With the module you can display up to 30 videos

youtube video gallery joomla module

Live demo

The module options:

- Joomla compatibility: Joomla 2.5, joomla 3.0 and above.

- Supported in all major browsers

- Easy and fast setup

- Friendly to mobile devices

Gallery settings

- Select gallery columns. You can use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or more columnsTo determine number of columns is used css code - column-count. NB: This code working with IE 10+

- Select gallery columns distance

- Enter gallery background

- Gallery padding - top / right / bottom / left

- Enter images height

- Select images padding - top / right / bottom / left

- Option to add play button

- Control of image size

- Control of image position

NB: Images are loaded automatically after entering the video ID

create youtube video gallery joomla module

YT plaer settings

- jQuery - Use only if necessary

- Video autoplay

- Video control - stop, pause, mute ...

- Video info  - video title, playlist

- Lightbox theme - dark or light

youtube video player paramas

 YT Video ID settings

- Video ID. Each video has its own ID. Module uses this number to display videos. How to get the ID. For example, if you view the following page, the ID of the video is: 5rQdSRdH-EA.

- Video play list. In this field you can enter multiple IDs. This will create a playlist and the videos will be played sequentially. If you want to automatically replay only one video, enter the ID of this video. Use the following syntax: ID1, ID2, ID3 . Play list can see on the first demo, the video which is top on the left

 - Link title. Enter video link title

youtube video playlist

youtube video id paramas

Module title

- Enable / Disable Module title

- Title module position - top or bottom

- Enable / Disable link for title

- Title text-align - left / Right / Center / Justify

- Title color

- Title background

- Title padding - top / right / bottom / left

- Title text-shadow

- Title letter-spacing

- Title font-weight - Normal or Bold

- Title font-size

- Title font Style- Google fonts or CSS fonts

Note: This is not the title of the module that comes with the Joomla.

Joomla module title settings

Create pages navigation of small images

- Enable / Disable thumbnails navigation

- Thumbnails per page

- Navigation position - before or after thumbnails images

- Scroll to top thumbnails images

- If scroll to top it's enabled - offset to top of module

- Nav bar position - left, center, right

- Save current page number from nav bar after refresh page with gallery

control joomla gallery page navigation

Others params

- If the screen resolution is less than 1600px - number columns

- If the screen resolution is less than 1600px - images gallery height

- If the screen resolution is less than 1024px - number columns

- If the screen resolution is less than 1024px - images gallery height

- Switch to mobile layout if the screen resolution is less than - example 768px

- If the screen resolution is less than example 768px - number columns

- If the screen resolution is less than example 768px - images gallery height

- Option to add css

others params gallery images for joomla