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"Add YTvideo" is a free plugin for Joomla which adds a button to the text editor with which you can embed youtube video in your articles. The plugin lets you control the built-in video options - autoplay, a disable on user control or video information. You can adjust the width and height of the video.

free joomla plugin for embed Youtube video in articles

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- Joomla compatibility: Joomla 2.5, joomla 3.0 and above.

- Supported in all major browsers

- Easy and fast setup

Plugin settings

- NB: Make sure your text editor is enabled to embed the tag <iframe>. If this is not enabled, the video embed code will be deleted.

- Download the plugin and install it.

- Enable the plugin and select the desired settings.

ytvideo plugin settingd

- Open a new article. Now your editor will have a new button with which to embed your YouTube video in the article.

- Button for emdet yt video in editor TinyMCE

yt button in tinymce

- Button for emdet yt video in editor JCE

yt button in jce

How to embed youtube video in article

- Place the marker where you want to have the video.

- Click of button "YT video".

- In the dialog box, enter the video ID.

enter video id

- Click OK button

YT Video ID

- Video ID. Each video has its own ID. Plugin uses this number to display videos. How to get the ID. For example, if you view the following page, the ID of the video is: 5rQdSRdH-EA.

Help information

How to enable the <Iframe> tag for the JCE editor

How to enable the <Iframe> tag for the TinyMCE editor