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"3D flip box" is a Joomla module for creating horizontal or vertical sliders / carousels with a fast, performant 3D cube flip animation. The module changes images, captions and links with an elegant 3D cube scroll effect. The settings are intuitive and easy to use. The module is friendly to all mobile devices. In this extension we have used techniques to display images without distortion. This is accomplished only through the use of CSS code. You no longer need to compromise the width or height of images to make them look proportional.


Live demo

The slider options:

- Joomla compatibility: Joomla 2.5, joomla 3.0 and above.

- Supported in all major browsers

- Custom navigation options

- Easy and fast setup

- Friendly to mobile device

Module title

joomla free module flex slider title

Basic module settings

joomla basic module settings

Slider settings

joomla slider module settings

Caption settings

joomla slider caption settings

Slide settings

joomla slide settings