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"Contact us" is a module for Joomla, which shows information about your address, telephone number and Google map with the location of the your office. After installing the module, a small button will appear at the bottom of the site.If you click on the button will open a panel with information about the contacts with you. In the panel you can see: Full address to contact you - street, city, region, zip code, country, email address and other. Information about your phone. Map of the google with your location.

Joomla module - Contact Us

How to install, set up and use the module.

Installing the module is standard for installing Joomla extensions.

After installation, select the menu items to associate with the module.

Choose a modular position for the module with a low HTML value of importance.

Stop displaying the module title.

Address options

The module has 7 lines for entering your address information. Use them to your needs.

Joomla module - add contact us info

Phone number Options

The module has two options for displaying your phone number for a contact.


The module has a function of recognizing the device on which the site is viewed - mobile devices or desktop.

If the site is viewed on a mobile device, the phone number will look like a link. If the user clicks on this link, the number will be able to be dialed directly from the phone.

If the site is viewed on PC, the user will see only the text.

How to adjust the display of the phone number for mobile devices.

1. In the field 'Enter text before link to phone' field, enter text. Example - Telephone:

2. In the field 'Enter phone number to call' field, point to the phone number for the connection. Example for Canada - +12505550199 with no spaces, hyphens or other characters.

3. In the field 'Enter text for link to phone' , type the text of the connection. Example - +1 - 250 - 555 - 0199.

4. In the field 'Enter text after link to phone' - You can enter text as needed.

Joomla module - add phone us info

Google map:

In the field 'Google maps code' field, Enter html code for embdet google maps.

You can use a standard map view to display your location or "Street View".

Read how to get the Google Maps embdet code Here.

Note: The module is designed to display maps, but it can also display a YouTube video. Simply enter the embed code for the video.

Joomla module - add google maps

View of mobile devices

Joomla module with mobile dialing feature

NB: The module uses 'awesome icons". If the icons are not displayed after installation, allow them to be used - field 'Show awesome icons'.

Module compatibility: Joomla 3.0 and Joomla 4.0

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- The template is compatible with php 5.6 and 7.3. Full support for mobile devices:

- 101 module positions. Left and right sidebars with option to change width - fixed /px/ or fluid /%/.

- This template comes with: Body background slider, Slider images, Sticky to bottom container.

Free Joomla 3 content / images slider module with touch enabled Free Joomla module - Sticky Top / Bottom Banners Free Joomla template for user registration