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"Start screen" is a module for Joomla which shows users a link with an image of the full screen of the device. The aim is to draw attention to current and important proposals – promotions, discounts, latest proposals and other. Example - only a few days left for booking a vacation. Use this module to pay attention to this possibility. We leave on your fantasy to find more options for the use of the module.

Joomla 4.0 module - Start the page with a responsive full-screen image

Live demo

Module options:

The module is easy to install and use.

Install the module and publish it. Select the menu items that you want to assignment with the module. Select the position of the module with low html meaning.

Image settings:

You can choose an image for PC and an image for mobile devices

- Image repeat: no-repeat, repeat, space, round, initial;

- Image background: attachment or scroll;

- Image size: cover, contain, initial, inherit, auto or 100%;

- Image position: center, left, right, bottom, top;

- Module bg color

Joomla module - Start screen

Text settings:

- Text bg color;

- Text color;

- Text align: center, left, right;

- Text position: top or bottom;

- Text font-size;

- Text css font-family;

NB: In the text you can use the "awesome icons" - version 5.13. Syntax for the icon code:

<i class='fas fa-phone-volume'></i>

Joomla module - add text field

Link to URL:

- Link to URL;

- Link title;

- Link target: self or blank;

Joomla module - add link to url field

Module compatibility: Joomla 3.0, Joomla 4.0